Future Projects

Pregnant Teen Home


Teen pregnancy is a common problem in Honduran culture.  We also have noticed a lack of resources for young girls who are pregnant.  Our plan is to build a refuge where these moms can go to ensure they have appropriate pre-natal care and parenting education.

Accredited Bilingual School


As the children who grow up in our foster homes reach school age, we want to ensure that they have an education that will prepare them to be leaders of their country in the future.  The public options are inadequate at best.  By starting our own school, we can control the quality of education they receive.

English-Speaking Church Plant


As our volunteer base grows, so does our collective need for an English-speaking house of worship.  One of the greatest challenges serving abroad is the ability to worship in our native language.  We also see this as an outreach opportunity for the growing base of bilingual Hondurans who would like an outlet to practice there English.

Special Needs Program


There are very few orphan care facilities in Honduras equipped to handle special medical and developmental needs.  We would like to open a dedicated home for these children, where they can receive the specialized care required.



Often, single mothers are forced to choose between caring for their children during the day or working to support them.  The goal of this project is provide a deeply discounted facility for their small children during the day, where they can receive early intervention services, as well as homework help for their older children at the end of the school day.