We are in need of various mid-to-long term volunteers in Honduras. Most positions would typically require a 1 year+ commitment, or at least the length of a school year. We have worked hard to minimize the living costs. Almost all of our volunteers stay “on campus” in ministry housing.  We have created a cost of living sheet to help with fundraising goals.

Current positions of need in Honduras are:

  • Psychologists (evaluate and treat children at House of Hope and in our foster care network)
  • Social Workers (evaluate, train and oversee the families in our foster care network)
  • Preschool Teachers (2, 3 and 4-year old classes for the children in House of Hope and the community)

There are also needs that can be fulfilled via part-time volunteer opportunities, without traveling to Honduras.

  • Bookkeeping (keep the books current each month and provide donor receipts)
  • Recruiting (search out potential partner churches, businesses, organizations and individuals)
  • Grant Writing (assist with researching and writing grant opportunities for our various projects and initiatives)
  • Communications (social media, video production, sponsor correspondence, etc)



If you are looking to visit, but are currently unable to make the minimum time commitment, you may want to consider starting or joining a mission team.  Click here to learn more.

Love pulses through Legacy of Hope, and it is tangible. The kids feel it, the volunteers feel it, the staff feels it. The Lord is working here. And I am beyond blessed to be a part of it.

— Elsie Huber

Visitation Policy


House of Hope is a family and just like you we love to visit with our friends, family, mission teams and volunteers. However, because we work with children who are living without permanency we have found it necessary to modify and control the interactions that our children have with unfamiliar people.


It is healthy and in the best interest our our children to limit the number of strangers who come in and out of their lives. Some of our children’s birth-parents and families parents also come and go sporadically, which is traumatic and stressful for them. Our policy for visitors, aside from mission teams who do not work directly with the children, is to stay for a minimum of 1 month. Each mid-to-long term volunteer is not a visitor, but a part of the ministry team. They must have a specific role or project that benefits or advances the ministry.