Legacy of Hope Foundation works with the individuals and other organizations to provide gifts of clothes, shoes, diapers, blankets or food to needy children, mothers and families who have no where else to turn. We are able to sustain this outreach program because of the large number of donations that we received from churches and individuals in the US.



Legacy of Hope believes that family preservation is the first line of defense in caring for vulnerable and orphaned children. Legacy of Hope has served around 100 children and families through the Feeding Program that is now self sustainable and the Family Preservation Program that is still continued today. 



The ministry currently supports and works with two different families serving a total of four children. Legacy of Hope supports these families by helping the children to attend school, holistically coming alongside them, and empowering the family unit through education.


He was just 4 pounds. His huge sunken eyes were unaccustomed to natural light. He blinked and studied me as I stood above him. I unbuttoned the pajamas I had provided for the nurse to dress him in and stared at his emaciated frame. His head and torso fit easily in the palm of my hand. The skin hung loosely from his tiny bones, and his little ribs moved rapidly up and down with each breath…

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