Our transition home is a temporary home for infants and young children waiting on foster and adoptive families to become available. We primarily accept abandoned babies and are currently the only resource in our region of the country to care for these abandoned children. Our children will remain with us until there is no longer a need, or until a more permanent home is identified. That could be a few weeks, months and possibly even a few years.


Miguel came into our care when he was only a few days old. He was abandoned almost immediately after birth, and he was found covered in ant bites and other marks. Because of his heartbreaking condition, Miguel was admitted to the hospital to receive medical care.

Shortly after that, DINAF (child services) confirmed that nobody was going to come forward for Miguel. This means he will be going through the abandonment process and will become eligible for adoption to be matched with a family. Because of that, he was placed in our transition home to wait for his forever family.

Miguel is now three months old and thriving. He’s reaching new milestones and recently began rolling over. At his young age, the family-style care he is receiving is so important physically and developmentally. Because Miguel has been in a family environment, he will be able to bond easier and create a healthy attachment with his adoptive family.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Miguel.

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