Seasonal Review: All Hearts Come Home for Christmas

Christmas was, of course, a wonderful time of the year. The Spangler family enjoyed visits from some of their loved ones who live in the United States. Big brother Garrett made his way back home to Honduras and enjoyed a short break from his freshman year of high school at Conestoga Valley School District in Lancaster, PA. The children, and of course his Mom and Dad, were overjoyed to have him back home. Additionally, Marianne’s parents, Grammy and FaFa, also came along to help celebrate this joyous season.



They helped to make Christmas extra special with cookie baking, gingerbread house decorating and a setting up a special holiday train that circled the Christmas tree. The children always look forward to visits from their grandparents and it was such a blessing to have this special time to spend the season celebrating with extended family. 

The Transition House also enjoyed visitors this past December. As Rachel described it, “Christmas time was a wonderful time spent with family to celebrate our Savior’s birth. My parents came down to spend Christmas with us. It was so fun for them to finally meet the kids and for the kids to have some grandparent time.” Rachel’s grandmother’s Sunday School class made this time extra special by blessing the children with many gifts, and the kids practiced giving as well. The children do not quite understand the whole Christmas story yet, but they are learning. “Overall,” Rachel said, “it was a joyful and peaceful time of fellowship, rest, and thankfulness.” 

As for Transition House 2, newly created and run by Sophia Fitzgibbon, Christmas was overseen by a volunteer that made it possible for Sophia to return to the States. “This time was restful and full of family. I was so thankful for the people who came to cover my house while I went home,” Sophia noted.

We are beyond thankful for all of the donations we received in order to make this Christmas so special and meaningful for each child in our care. We are confident that this time to focus on our Savior’s birth makes a big impact in the lives of all within our ministry as they hear His story and begin to understand the reason behind the season.