Ministry Highlight: The Passing of a Beloved Friend

Our new year began with the sad and very difficult news that our beloved psychologist, Ericka Garcia, passed away due to complications of a chronic and painful condition called scleroderma.

In order to honor and remember the great work that Ericka did with our foundation, we began a scholarship program in her honor. Each year a female student in her final year of study at Ericka’s alma mater will receive the Ericka Gracia Memorial Scholarship. These finances will help the student pay for books or purchase supplies needed during her internship.

Every year on Valentines Day, Legacy of Hope Foundation in cooperation with the University and Ericka’s mother, will choose and reward a new recipient who most exemplifies the ideals, work ethic and values that made Ericka such a wonderful colleague and friend. As noted by Sophia: “Ericka was such an amazing person to work with. Every time she arrived to the Centro she was beaming and immediately went to work with the children. She treated each day as a blessing. You would have never known she had a terminal illness by the way she always pushed through the excruciating pain and worked with excellence.

Her presence is greatly missed.” We pray that her legacy will live on in the diligence of new psychologists who are dedicated to help children and families overcome and heal from loss and trauma.

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