Happy Anniversary, Legacy of Hope!

What does a run-down box truck running hours late, concrete dust, pouring rain, and drunken “helpful” neighbors all have in common? They were all elements of the Spanglers’ move from La Ceiba to Santa Rosa to start Legacy of Hope Foundation 4 years ago. The move from a rural area to a city one, from supporting an existing ministry to starting their own, and from tropical weather to the foreign low temperatures of the mountains was a shock, but aside from the hardships of the move, God’s faithfulness has shown through as a common thread amid the narrative.

It’s hard to picture what things in our little colonia were like 4 years ago because so much has changed and expanded in that short time! We have gone from operating out of one home to having 5 ministry buildings with plans for additional expansion in the near future! We currently have 16 children under our foster care umbrella, while many others have come and been transitioned out to other placements, and countless have come through our crisis care center since it opened last year.

Although many things have grown and changed, there are still key things that have stayed the same.

  1. Tears and laughter both still have their firm place here. From the beginning, Legacy of Hope has been able to rejoice with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who mourn, and serve in capacities that often take their toll. But this is our mission, and we experience every range of emotion through this place we call home and give countless children the ability to call home.
  2. Endeavors to create a Home. When the Spangler’s first set foot in their new home in Santa Rosa, it was a rainy, cold day and their home felt like a cement block ice box. But it wasn’t long before that house became a home filled with warm memories and beauty in each corner. 4 years later, little home improvement projects still happen almost every weekend (with the help to Pinterest all along the way).
  3. In the crazy of the move, one thing stood out as a good reminder to the Spanglers: above all the broken or destroyed items, the language barrier, or the pelting rain: “Our family was safe and together. We had shelter, food and water.” None of these things have changed over these 4 years either, and the ability to constantly search for the positives and stay grounded in the things that matter (like the remembrance of God’s faithfulness) has been a cornerstone of the ministry.

There are so many more ways we want to cultivate growth, and we pray that you will be by our side to aid and support us every step of the way. Please pray that each wall in our buildings will know joy, that each room will hold laughter, and that every window will open to great possibilities. Thank you for everything you’ve done–every prayer, every penny, every article of clothing, every diaper, every minute–spent in support of our mission here. We are where we are in these short 4 years because of God’s hand in each of your lives and ours. Thank you again for answering His call.

4 years ago (left). Present (right)


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