Honduras is Worth a Visit, Part 1

If you’ve heard about Honduras, chances are the things you’ve heard are either bad or related to your cruise stop in Roatán. But probably mostly bad.

It’s true that Honduras as a whole is known as the most dangerous country in the world because it has the highest murder rate per capita. When you look more specifically at the most dangerous cities in the world, its two biggest cities sit at numbers 3 and 4, beat only by Caracas and Acapulco.

Backpackers avoid it on their travels through Central America, airports often force you to have a return ticket at the ready, and mothers worry for their children that move there (sorry mom ;)).

But this outlook is only the smallest piece of what makes up the reality of Honduras. After a decade in which the country spiraled into a whirlwind of terrible violence, Honduras has definitely begun an upward journey. This country is a vibrant, exciting place with so much to offer.

So, in this article and the following installments of “Honduras is Worth a Visit”, we are making it our goal to show you what it is we love about Honduras and why you shouldn’t hesitate in visiting us here! You’ve seen our notices of our need for volunteers, so if the Honduras stereotype is holding you back, read on! and allow us to change your mind!


Legacy of Hope Foundation calls Santa Rosa de Copán home. The first thing anyone would tell you about our beloved Santa Rosa is that it is safe. In fact, it’s known as the safest town in Honduras, which is why the founders of Legacy of Hope, Matt and Marianne Spangler, chose to base their ministry out of this town. The residents of SRC protect their community because it represents something they all strive for—security. Many people you will meet moved to Santa Rosa from the big cities like Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula (numbers 3 and 4 on the most dangerous cities in the world list) because they wanted a different life for their families.

Nestled in the beautiful mountains, the views on your journey to Santa Rosa will be nothing less than awe-inspiring. And the elevation of 3,700 feet will offer you perfect t-shirt and shorts weather year round without feeling like you’re going to die of heat.

The western region of Honduras is also known for its coffee, which I know will be enough to reel in most of the readers. Coffee. That’s all I had to say. There are so many wonderful cafés that we all frequent, as well as beautiful, fascinating coffee tours that take you into the mountains for a peek into each step from coffee berry to coffee cup.

If coffee is less your thing, Santa Rosa also boasts some of the best cigars—Flor de Copán. You are able to take a tour of the factory right in town to see the parts of that process as well.

If you could care less about the views, the weather, the coffee, or the cigars, let me tell you more about the people. The people are really what makes Santa Rosa what it is. The small-town feel coupled with the migration from the big cities for a more secure life highlights the welcoming community.

We at Legacy of Hope Foundation work to be an extension of that community so that any visitors we have feel truly at home and welcomed into our lives here. We look forward to welcoming volunteers and building relationships for years to come.

Come and experience the real Honduras with us.