Meet Veronica

Education should be one of the cornerstones of any childcare program, and here we make sure to provide educational opportunities for each child to grow. One of those opportunities is the preschool and early intervention program.

Last year we were looking to hire a new Spanish preschool teacher, and we were so blessed to have Veronica walk through our doors.

In the year since she has been here, we have seen incredible growth in the children with whom she has worked. Everyone loves Miss Veronica!

Before becoming our preschool teacher, Veronica spent a lot of her time working with the children at her church. There she gained the experience and desire for teaching. She is a passionate, gifted teacher that works incredibly hard to make sure that all her students are cared for and excel.

Because of her openness and desire to do all that she can for all the children she can, we were able to enroll longer term kids from the crisis care center in preschool as well. This changed the classroom dynamic considerably, but Veronica embraced the challenge of new students entering and accepted the loss of beloved students leaving when they were transitioned out of our care.

Aside from her role in the classroom, Veronica has also branched out to serve at the crisis care center on weekends, teach the kids traditional Honduran dances, and plan other activities for the kids outside of the classroom.

Legacy of Hope Foundation has been abundantly blessed by Veronica and all the work she does. We are thankful she came through our doors just one short year ago!

  1. How did you come to hear about Legacy of Hope Foundation and desire to work here?
    I found out through another employee of Legacy of Hope that they needed a preschool teacher. I feel very happy and fortunate to work at Legacy of Hope.

  2. What do you think is the most beautiful thing about working at Legacy of Hope with children from hard places?
    Knowing that one can help children in different ways and make each child’s day a light of hope in their lives.

  3. What is the most difficult part of working with children from hard places?
    Witnessing the moment that someone wants to grow close to them, and how the child also wants the same thing. But it’s hard for them because they have a history of trauma.

  4. What is your favorite thing about this work?
    Well I love my job and I really enjoy sharing time with the children.

  5. Can you share with me a favorite memory that you have?
    There are many favorite memories, but one of my favorites is the day I met my students. They have filled me heart with love.