Foster Care

Understanding Foster Care in Honduras

Click the images below to learn how foster care works in Honduras, and the role we play in that process.

foster care - foster family approval process
foster care - child placement process
foster care - child reunification process

foster care - foster homesFoster Homes


Our foster care model places us in the role of a foster care agency.  While it is the role of DINAF (Honduran child services division) to place children in homes, we provide the resources to identify, educate and support these families.

Our personal residence serves as the first foster home under our umbrella.  The goal is to provide stability and permanency for the children in our care.  We use our home as a model of other families who wish to foster as well, giving them a goal toward which they can work.

Support Our Foster Families

Foster Families

Suggested: $100.00 / month

 every month

Minimum: $10.00 / month

Nationwide Foster Care Standards


We are working with DINAF (child services) at the national level to establish standardized education and documentation for all foster families in Honduras.  We have also been commissioned by DINAF to build a nationwide database to effectively manage foster placements.