Mission teams are a great way for us to grow relationships within our partner churches and organizations, and help develop advocates for what we are doing “back home”. They also are a great way to help us accomplish projects that we don’t normally have time or money to get to throughout the year. Our town is a safe and beautiful area, ideal for a wide arrange of ages and experiences.

Are you interested?


Below you will find a list of existing ideas for team projects that advance the mission and vision of the organization. However, feel free to share with us some of your ideas, and we will let you know if they fit.


  • Self-sustainability agriculture projects
  • Campus construction and renovation projects
  • Home maintenance projects – family preservation program


Another way in which we can often make use of teams is for respite care, to step in for our house parents and caregivers when they need to leave for various reasons.

  • Day camp and VBS respite program for foster families
  • Medical/dental evaluations and clinics
  • Specialized trainings for our caregivers and community professionals

Depending on the project(s) being accomplished, our ideal team size is between 8 and 10 people. We do our best to make trips affordable. Depending on where you fly from, airfare can range anywhere from $400 to $800, flying into and out of San Pedro Sula (SAP). We also ask our teams to raise funds to cover the projects costs for whatever they will be doing when they are here.

We also encourage our teams to purchase trip insurance that covers medical expenses, emergency evacuations and trip cancellation. For as little as $10 per person, IMG offers a great product that works well for Mission Teams.


Just like you we love to visit with our friends, family, mission teams and volunteers. However, because we work with children who are living without permanency we have found it necessary to modify and control the interactions that our children have with unfamiliar people.

It is healthy and in the best interest our our children to limit the number of strangers who come in and out of their lives. Some of our children’s birth-parents and families parents also come and go sporadically, which is traumatic and stressful for them. Our policy for visitors, aside from mission teams who do not work directly with the children, is to stay for a minimum of 1 month. Each mid-to-long term volunteer is not a visitor, but a part of the ministry team. They must have a specific role or project that benefits or advances the ministry.

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