Meet our Foster Care Team!

Meet our Foster Care Team!

It takes a lot of work certify new foster families and to keep up with the existing ones!  DINAF (children and youth services) has chosen Legacy of Hope to be a “socio” in the newly established foster care program.  As a “socio” we act as a foster care agency that collaborates with DINAF to place children within families.  Among many other things, our responsibilities include recruiting, training, and supervising.   As you can imagine, we need a specialized team to assure that our children and families are supported and that we are able to keep up with the required administrative tasks .

Our professional team consists of 2 full time and 1 part time employee.  These hard working women are responsible to:

  • do new home studies
  • perform psychological evaluations and all the necessary reports and paperwork for new families
  • visit each existing family every month
  • provide interventions (therapy plans, behavior modification plans, feelings activities and trust building activities) and services for children and families
  • complete extensive monthly reports on each child that has been placed in foster care.

So without further ado, I am so proud to introduce you to our amazing team Legacy of Hope Foster care team!

Meet Doris!  Doris is a social worker who began working with Legacy of Hope in January of 2021.  Before coming to LOH she worked with another non-profit where she received some training in foster care.   Doris is a steady and calming force on our team.  She is dedicated to using her position to advocate for the best interests of children and families.  Sadly, she lost her mother to violence at an early age and was raised along with her sisters in a children’s home.  These early childhood experiences have shaped her desire to be an advocate that works to make a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.

Meet Leidy!  Leidy is a psychologist who works with families and children in the foster care program.  She previously worked with children from difficult places and with special needs and is committed to helping children overcome adversity.  Something that makes Leidy extra special and valuable to our team is that not only is she an amazing psychologist but she has recently graduated with her law degree.  She is able to help guide the team in making decisions keeping in mind both the legal ramifications and emotional aspects for the children that we serve.

Meet Skarleth!  Skarleth has been working with Legacy of Hope for almost 5 years as the lead psychologist in charge of the crisis care program.  Over the years she has worked to provide therapy and interventions to many of the children in foster families and most recently began to assist our foster care team with reunifications of children who are returning to their biological families.    Skarleth is a skilled psychologist who is trained in multiple therapies including play therapy and EMDR therapy.  She is easily able to work with both children and adults.  Since she has several years of experience working with the foundation and DINAF, she has a good understanding of the best ways to help children and families navigate the system to achieve the best outcomes possible.

It has been my pleasure to present the amazing team that makes foster care possible at Legacy of Hope!  We are so blessed that we are able to be a part of changing the way Honduras cares for orphaned and vulnerable children and we are thankful to people like you that make this invaluable work possible.

Please stay tuned to social media and subscribe to our emails to learn more about Legacy of Hope, our foster care program and some extra special fun facts about our dedicated staff and all the work that we do.


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