Until every child has a safe and loving family

Did you know that there are only about 100 children currently registered in foster families in Honduras, while nearly 8,000 children live in institutional settings like orphanages or children’s homes? 

Those statistics are staggering and are just one more reason why we are so focused on our goal to expand Legacy of Hope’s foster care program.   

Legacy of Hope is committed to changing the way Honduras cares for orphaned and vulnerable children.  It is our desire that many more children will experience healing in the care of a safe and loving family when they are unable to live with their biological families. 

We recently had the privilege to participate in a virtual graduation ceremony for the newest certified foster families across the country.  During the ceremony Legacy of Hope had the distinct honor of graduating 5 families who are now listed in the national registry of foster families, including 2 families who are currently waiting for new placements.    

Each family was recognized and congratulated on completing the rigorous certification process.  As one speaker put it, “You are the heroes in the difficult work of caring for children from hard places and it is your sacrifice which has made this incredibly important work possible.”

We couldn’t agree more with those sentiments and are so proud of our families who have stepped out of their comfort zones to be the difference in the life of a child.  

This year Legacy of Hope has made it our goal to double the size of our current foster care program.  We will continue to recruit, train and certify new foster families who have chosen to stand in the gap for orphaned and vulnerable children. 

Will you please continue to pray for us as we work toward this ambitious  goal?  I know that it will be challenging, but I assure you that it will never be as heart-wrenchingly difficult as listening to a child share their dream and desire for a family while knowing that they must continue to wait because there are no foster families available.

For the waiting children and for all the children still to come, we will continue to strive towards our goal.

Until every child has a safe and loving family,



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