Capturing the Spirit of Legacy of Hope

Early in March, we welcomed Neil Edwards and Martin Butcher of Yodo Creative.  These 2 lovely gentlemen from “across the pond” came to help Legacy of Hope make an updated ministry video and also to create a video library that will be used in future videos and communications. 

Over a two-week period we scheduled numerous visits as we revisited some special cases, each one sharing their perspective of how the work Legacy of Hope changed their lives.  Our team took Neil and Martin to talk with government officials, community workers and several different families impacted by our ministry.  It was inspiring to hear the families express their gratitude and to see the impact of our work 3, 4, 5 or even 10 years later.

We traveled around town but also to small villages for many personalized interviews and also captured lots of beautiful footage that shows off Honduras in her beauty and depth of culture. But most of all, it was a blessing to hear families speak from their hearts as they shared how their lives were changed for the better thanks to the support and interventions they received from Legacy of Hope.

Our goal was to collect stories in the words of those who had experienced heartbreaking loss and difficult challenges but we were not at all prepared for the way these stories invigorated our resolve to work even harder to create opportunities for children and families in Honduras to overcome trauma and tragedy, to build residence and triumph over their circumstances.

It was truly wonderful to take a step away from the day-to-day work and revisit cases that seemed so challenging years ago.  We came home energized by testimonies of government officials who were encouraged and enabled by our work to serve children better, community leaders who saw results as they collaborated with us for tangible lasting impact and of course families who were reunited, happy and stronger because of the help and support they received.  There was joy and gratitude, but most of all there was HOPE.  These voices captured the spirit of the work we do here and as we listened to each of them share it was evident that our work has created a Legacy of Hope.




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