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March was like most months at Legacy of Hope…

  • 2-year-old twins and their “big” 4-year-old brother were abandoned by their mother at the police station
  • a handful of older teens recently returned from the border
  • a tiny 12-year-old barely out of the 5th grade, her ever-growing swollen belly, a devastating reminder of the abuse she endured for as long as she can remember
  • 3 boys living on the street, begging and fighting to stay alive
  • a 3-month-old infant suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome and microcephaly
  • a little boy learning for the first time to live without fear his bruises still fading
  • a street smart far too skinny young lady with a wide smile and sad eyes

These are just a few of the children who have found refuge in our homes over the last 30 days.

The need is as diverse as it is great. Our staff is prepared for anything at a moment’s notice.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 50 children have found a safe place to begin their healing journey inside our walls.

Legacy of Hope provides more than just a warm bed and balanced meals.

T​​hese children receive medical interventions and treatment, multiple forms of therapy based on their individual needs and traumatic experiences and most importantly the unconditional love and feelings of safety that come with our specialized family-style homes.

​​We are the only ministry of our kind in the western tri-state region of Honduras.

​​Our programs depend heavily on the stipend that comes from the contract we have with the Honduran government, which we have maintained for 8 years.

Frustratingly due to political difficulties, these payments have been delayed. This stipend equates to $7,000 per month. There are not enough areas where we could cut back and still be able to provide adequate care, so we will be forced to temporarily close our doors unless we can replace the stipend.

We need you to join us and be a part of the ongoing rescue and refuge, and help bridge the gap until the pending deposits are made.

Your donation will assure these children and those just like them who have yet to arrive will have a safe place to land and receive the healing interventions they so desperately need.

Without Legacy of Hope these children will have no place to go.

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