Meet our Leadership Team

This year I have the pleasure to introduce our new leadership team.  This group of ambitious and talented women have been promoted from within the ranks of our ministry.  Each one working with excellence and excelling in their previous positions at Legacy of Hope.   Their preparation in both experience and study has uniquely qualified them for their positions.

Susy Portillo

I am proud to introduce Susy Portillo as our new Director of Operations.  Susy began as my Spanish tutor during our first year in Santa Rosa and was a part of our ministry as it began to take shape. She helped me understand so many different aspects of life and work in Honduras.  Later Susy joined our team as an administrator and began working closely with the Emergency care program.  Her professionalism and skill have helped to propel Legacy of Hope forward.  I am excited to see the advances that will be made under her leadership.

Gabby Ordoñez

Gabby Ordoñez joined the Legacy of Hope family a few years ago, bringing her expertise in the area of social work and also in community development.  Thanks to her dedication we have increased local awareness and support additionally holding our first annual Race for Legacy which was a huge success.  Gabby’s position as the Director of Development and Family Programs will allow our programs to continue to grow and flourish.

Flor Gomez del Cid

Flor Gomez del Cid has been my right hand as foundation administrator for the last 5 years.  She is passionate about the work that we do at Legacy of Hope and helped to bridge many gaps.  Flor’s background in finance has positioned her to manage the complicated inner workings of government contracts.  As she steps into her new role as Financial Officer Flor will take on the important task of navigating and managing the documentation and reporting required for both US and Honduran sides of the foundation.

Andrea Hernandez

Andrea Hernandez is a dynamic young woman who carries the responsibility of supervising and running our psychology department.  She assures the wellbeing of the children and families that we serve and supervises our part time psychologists.  She is a calming force on our team and it is a pleasure watching her continue to expand her knowledge and impact within our ministry.

This team of dedicated professionals work in unison to help Legacy of Hope to serve hundreds of children each year with excellence.  They are committed to assuring the highest quality of care and working with excellence.  They are advocates for orphaned and vulnerable children and allies to the cause of promoting systemic changes that lead to every child in Honduras receiving the best possible care and interventions.


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